Floor Plans

Floor plans helps customer visualize the structure of a space more easily. This design can show them potential arrangement of a space which may most suit their imagination. 


Floor plans
could help

Professional listing

A property listing with floor plans included is usually more detail and competent.

Trigger imagination

In a real estate listing, customers always want to see the space arrangement and visualize their own design

Viewers stay longer

Floot plans encourage customers to find out more about a listing and spend more time watching it.

Flat black & white ​

Simple and straightfoward

The 2D black and white floor plan is ideal if you want a straight-forward floor plan that clearly displays the home’s layout. Potential buyers will gain a thorough understanding of the home’s layout thanks to the clear, simple, and easy-to-use layout.

Price from US$ 17.0

Flat colored ​

Emphasizing the difference

Add colors to your floor plan to emphasize important detail as well as group similar spaces or furniture. With color, your layout is more vivid and lively, helping potential purchasers  to see the home’s layout precisely. 

Price from US$ 20.0

3D Color

Make it real

Design your floor plan in 3D color that look and feel real. It shows how floors are transited and which direction a door swings.  This design enhances the imagination of customers which eases their decisions.

Price from US$ 25.0
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