Object removal

Perfect photos require tidiness and cleanliness. However, we sometimes can not avoid unexpected things that spoil our photos. Digital removal will help remove the stuff, returning you a clean well-ordered space.
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Object removal

Almost done but...

You're about to post your current listing when you notice something in the shot that shouldn't be there?

Unexpected things

To make a better impression on potential purchasers, remove the furniture and clutter from rented apartments.

Easy virtual stagging

Remove any unsightly furniture from a room so that customers can see themselves in the space.





1 or 2 small items

Remove unexpected stuffs

Is there a toilet brush in the bathroom, or do you want to get rid of that old-looking chair, maybe the towering basketball hoop in the front yard? The appearance of a room can be dramatically improved by removing one or two crucial things. You will have a clean and attractive space after using our item removal service.

Price from US $2.0

3+ small items or 1 or more large items

Remove even more

Have something in the photo digitally deleted if it’s spoiling your shot. Perhaps you’d like to tidy a bedroom or remove the paintings off each wall. Extra things can be removed to make a space appear more appealing and welcome.

Price from US $7.0





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